Air Rescuers, one of the best Air Ambulance Services in Jharsuguda is accessible now, for medical transfer and emergency evacuation from and to Jharsuguda and the surrounding areas.

Hello to the power house of odisha, yes we are aware of jharsuguda being a power house of odisha due to its plentiful industry and being self sufficient in itself and referred as little India, after establishing well in india now we are exploring and available in this little india of yours, being the one of the best air ambulance service provider in India.

Our emergency medical team members and paramedics have actually delivered prestigious critical care training programmes in extracorporeal membrane oxygenator services, pre-hospital care, and emergency medical care. All of our medical practitioners are highly skilled physicians that can assist patients with any emergency medical care.


Since transparency and honesty foster trust, it is essential to uphold them, and Air Rescuers accomplishes just that.

  • Your first step will be to receive a pricing quotation from one of our customer service professionals for the Air Ambulance Service, which also covers crew, medical, and flying costs. [Flight Cost varies with value of time]
  • As soon as you confirm, work will start, and the Air Rescuers team, medical experts, and required equipment will all be present.
  • Scheduling has been completed, take-off slots have been properly reserved, and legalities and security clearances have been taken care of.
  • Before we get at our destination, our crew performs exiting clearance.

Why to choose Air Rescuers?

Air Rescuers take all the responsibility of all pre-medical emergency critical care.

– Strong network across the entirety of India.
– A member of our support team will provide you advice as soon as you get in touch with us. With services tailored to your needs and assistance with your evacuation, Air Rescuers is available for you.
– The best ambulance services in Jharsuguda in terms of cost and efficiency.
– We handle all discharge paperwork and security clearance requirements.
– Medical specialists and other workers are quickly attained.
– Assistance with evacuation is provided on board,Air Rescuers are solely responsible for shifting.


● CU-CCU Certified Registered Flight F
● ER Flight Nurses
● Advanced Life Support Critical Care Flight Paramedics
● Flight RNs & Paramedics
● Flight Respiratory Therapists
● Anesthesiologists
● Isolation pods
● ECMO, We also provide extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, blood is pumped outside of your body to a heart-lung machine that removes carbon dioxide and sends oxygen-filled blood back to tissues in the body
● Ventilator
● Defibrillator
● Pacemakers,Oxygen Cylinder & more that enable our experienced doctor to save lives onboard
Contact is established – costs are determined – approval is secured – and activation begins.

– After establishing a link, our support staff assists with the process of requesting estimates for the necessary services. When this is determined, the entire procedure begins and gets going in a matter of hours. IS THAT SOON.


Contact Air Rescuers for Air Ambulance Services in Jharsuguda call us at +91 98700 01118 or toll free 18005 321818



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