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Air Ambulance Services in Bhagalpur– the city is situated near the banks of the river Ganga and is generally known for silk in Bihar State and being near to the river Ganga, the fresh air and great view of the river are experienced daily by the people and has the 6th biggest bridge in India known as the Vikram Shila Setu. and is 4+km long. As we pass over bridge we feel the soothing air and experience the calm it has to give. But as we all know how much Bihar is affected by the floods, with calmness there is also high risk of losing lives in such disasters.

There is a high risk of flooding near the Ganga’s bank, which can put many human lives at risk. To deal with such a scenario, we must maintain pristine medical emergency services. At this time, one of the best medical emergency services which can be really useful is Air Ambulance in Bhagalpur.

We Air Rescuers, a Mumbai-based company, provide a variety of ambulance services, including air ambulance services in Bhagalpur with highly trained personnel. We are into this business for more than two decades. We transfer patients from one hospital to another in any city.

People of Bhagalpur and nearby cities like Sahibganj, Munger, Khagaria, Khatida, Madhepura, and Banks. The mission of the Air Rescuers is to manage critical patient evacuations on a global scale and offer Emergency Air Ambulance Services in Bhagalpur. Four chairs and a stretcher for patients are included in the air ambulance’s layout. A flight doctor with experience in critical care and a paramedic make up each medical transport’s two-person crew.

Most Affordable and Reliable Air Ambulance in Bhagalpur

Air Rescuers Air Ambulance is the most affordable Air Ambulance Services in Bhagalpur as our prices are competitive in the market and that doesn’t make us compromise in our services which makes us more reliable and trustworthy. Which eventually turns out to be the best deal for Emergency Air Ambulance in Bhagalpur.

Train Ambulance Services in Bhagalpur | Air Rescuers

Air Rescuers Train Ambulance Services in Bhagalpur are ready to provide our cherished clients with the best Emergency Train Ambulance in Bhagalpur. Our team gives the utmost concern with and generosity. utilizing trains to transport patients with modern facilities from Bhagalpur to any other place.

Most Affordable and Reliable Train Ambulance in Bhagalpur

At Air Rescuers Train Ambulance, we make it a priority to offer our services at a rate that is both reasonable and approachable. The air ambulance, train ambulance, air evacuation, and other support aids are only a few of our extensive list of high-tech services that are provided at reduced costs to reach everyone nearby. When a caller has a question about the booking process, our knowledgeable helpline staff is available to answer it.

Train Ambulance key Services are as follows:
Itinerary details and ticketing, ground travel to and from the rail station, be efficient to endure a two to three-day trip

Our services include:-

  • Medical Escort Team? 1 Doctor & 1 Nurse/ Technician.
  • Medical equipment as per requirement like ventilator, Defibrillator, Multipara monitor, suction machine, Syringe pump, and emergency medical kit & Oxygen.
  • Itinerary details and ticketing in AC 2 tier ( Total four Tickets–2+ 2 ) OR in AC 1st whichever is Available.
  • Ground Ambulance @ Both ends. It will be a complete Bed to Bed transfer.
  • Direct assistance with check-in, security clearance, and while boarding the train.
  • Employees with training and expertise.

Employees with training and expertise

The patient will be assisted by trained medical experts at the station. Our professionalism and our staff’s high level of expertise are well known. Our medical specialists will be chosen in accordance with the needs and the seriousness of the patient’s illness. The helpful personnel will take care of all of your needs. Because of their trustworthiness, authority, and promptness, our services are highly regarded. In the train, ambulances are our two medical representatives, a doctor and a paramedic. Patients are transferred via rail ambulance in a completely I.C.U. setting.

Services for Train Ambulances that are More Affordable

For a wide range of reasons, train ambulance services are significantly less expensive than air ambulance services. We offer Train Ambulance services that are affordable for everyone because we deal with a diverse group of people with varying financial circumstances. It is less expensive than long-distance land transportation and air ambulance service.

Leading Train Ambulance Services

A Train Ambulance may be more secure in some situations than an Air Ambulance because there are no hemodynamic changes when being transported by rail. In contrast to train ambulances, air ambulances have significant hemodynamic changes during takeoff and landing. By train ambulance, even patients with high oxygen needs, those in critical condition, and those using a ventilator can be delivered. In India, using a train ambulance to transport seriously ill patients is the safest option.

Best medical care

Our main goal is to provide the patient on the train with an environment similar to an ICU. In AC II, we transport patients. A ventilator, a heart monitor infusion pump, suction pumps, oxygen cylinders, and other ICU equipment are typically added to at least four reserved berths in the AC II levels to create an ICU configuration. We require 24 to 48 hours to activate the AC rail ambulance because we are dependent on Indian train timetables and seat availability. Take a look at us if you’ve been looking for medical escort services on trains; we’d be happy to provide them.

HOW do we work?

Keeping things open and honest is important because it fosters trust, and Air Rescuers does just that.

  • The support team will first provide you with a quote for the Air Ambulance Service costs, which include crew costs, medical costs, and flying costs. [Flight Costs Vary Based on Time Value]
  • Work begins as soon as you confirm, and the Air Rescuers staff will be on hand to assist with any medical needs.
  • We reserve a space after creating a schedule and taking care of the necessary paperwork and security clearances.
  • Air Rescuers also handles exit formalities as soon as our flights touch down.

Choosing Air Rescuers, WHY?

With more than 2 decades of experience in Air and Train Ambulance services, we are the India’s leading emergency evacuation providers,
Transported over 10000+ patients on a global level.
In a medical emergency crisis, we understand the time value, as a result, we keep track of every minute to ensure that medical assistance for your loved ones arrived on time.

Now Air Rescuers are present all over India connecting Bhagalpur from small cities to major urban and metropolitan cities:

Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Bangalore.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Pune.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Ahmedabad.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Chennai.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Surat.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Navi Mumbai.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Coimbatore.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to vadodara.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Indore.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Greater Mumbai.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Bhubaneswar.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Hyderabad.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Jamshedpur
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Mumbai.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Kolkata.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to New Delhi.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Jaipur.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Kochi.
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Chandigarh
Air Ambulance Services from Bhagalpur to Dehradun.


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