Air Ambulance Services in Uttar Pradesh

Air Ambulance Services In Uttar Pradesh – Air Rescuers

People of all languages preside over here. Uttar Pradesh is also known for its “Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb”. This state is full of classical music and dance forms. Ram and Krishna were born in Uttar Pradesh, so it is deeply rooted in spirituality. Indus Valley and Vedic Culture has reached its heights in Uttar Pradesh itself. Ramayan is also written in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is also known for its cultural harmony. Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist culture and their festival brings joy to this state. From the ghats of Kashi to Mughal Article Tajmahal, Uttar Pradesh is rich in historical heritage.

Air Rescuers is providing Air Ambulance Services in Uttar Pradesh. It saves thousands of lives in Uttar Pradesh. Air Rescuers provides Air Ambulance which has a team of well-qualified medical doctors and nurses who take full care of the patients so that they do not suffer any kind of harm. Until serious patients reach the hospital with world-class medical facilities, our team will not let their care fall.

The Benefits of Choosing Air Rescuers:

  • Exceptional medical emergency critical care is provided.
  • Wide network coverage both in India and internationally.
  • 24/7 availability of medical evacuation services.
  • A dedicated support team that offers guidance from recommending services to obtaining exit clearance.
  • Well-authorized and advanced ICU arrangements.
  • Affordable and convenient booking for Low-Cost Air Ambulance Services in Uttar Pradesh 
  • Amenities such as stretchers, beds, and wheelchairs.
  • Comprehensive handling of discharge formalities and security clearance.
  • Prompt arrangement of required medical professionals and staff.
  • Highly skilled and experienced medical personnel.
  • Assistance with evacuation while onboard.
  • Efficient management of patient transfers by Air Rescuers.
  • Aircraft options include B200, C90, and Commercial Airline.

Features of Air Rescuers:

  1. Round-the-clock customer/client service to address emergencies.
  2. Specially designed flights equipped with onboard doctors for critical cases.
  3. Air Ambulance service that facilitates bed-to-bed transfers, utilizing our extensive road ambulance network.
  4. Our 1 Bed Critical Care air ambulance is operated by a proficient crew utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

Are the medical personnel on board qualified and experienced?

Yes, Air Rescuers ensures that their medical personnel are highly qualified and experienced, including

  • ICU-CCU Certified Registered
  • Flight Nurses
  • ER Flight Nurses
  • Advanced Life Support Critical Care Flight Paramedics
  • Flight RNs & Paramedics
  • Flight Respiratory Therapists
  • Anesthesiologists 

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