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Air Rescuers specializes in offering helicopter ambulance services in India and abroad also. For shifting a patient from home, hospital, rehabilitation centers to other places by air, Air Rescuers play a pioneer role. If you want to get the best medical support in a helicopter ambulance then you will find us as the choicest destination. We are here to deliver you prompt, highly advanced and timely helicopter ambulance in India. In different cities in India such as Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Gwalior, Mumbai, Chennai, Patna, etc. you will find us. We can reach to you within a shorter time to provide you the most needed helicopter ambulance with the best medical facilities during the transfer period.

Dedicated professionals remain engaged in offering helicopter ambulance in India services. Therefore, if you want to get reliable helicopter ambulance services then you will be capable of meeting your interests in the best way. We have become a specialist in this field and when you will get the secured and cost effective helicopter ambulance services in need from us, surely, you will understand the value of our services.

We are available for free, 24/7 consultation without any obligation. If you tell us, we can arrange repatriation by helicopter or jet in a few hours. Our office is available 24/7 We are also affiliated with more than 25000 helicopter service providers in india; Hopefully this number will increase in the coming days.

Our presence in different cities in India helps people attaining the top class helicopter ambulance services in their need. You will get the most secured, cost effective, timely and dedicated air ambulance as well as helicopter ambulance in India from us. We have redefined the air ambulance services by giving our best effort in this field for more than a decade. The patients, who need urgent medical transfer services, will get homely behavior from our experienced professionals, which will help them feeling secured with our staff members. Fly safely to meet your medical needs with us at the cheapest rates.


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