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Air Ambulance Services In Dumka- Emergency Air Ambulance A medically equipped vehicle called an ambulance is used to transfer people to healthcare institutions like hospitals. The patient usually receives out-of-hospital care while being transported. A medical emergency service Responding to medical emergencies with ambulances. Air Rescuers offers multiple Emergency Ambulance Services in Dumka like Air Ambulance Services in Dumka, Train Ambulance in Dumka, and Road Ambulance in Dumka.

The administrative headquarters of the Jharkhand state’s Dumka district, which is a component of the Santhal Pargana division, are in the city of Dumka. The name of the location, Dumka, is referenced in two proverbs. People from the Paharia tribe, including the maler and Sauria Pharias, lived there in the early days. Numerous notable leaders oversaw the region during the medieval era. In the year 1983, Dumka was designated as the divisional center of Santhal Pargana. Dumka was designated as Jharkhand’s secondary capital this was around year 2000.

The district’s geographic size is 3761 sq km, and it is bordered by the Godda district in Bihar to the north and the Jamtara district in West Bengal to the south. The districts of Pakur and Deogarh are located east and west, respectively. The Mayurakshi River is the principal river that traverses the area. The district’s economy is mostly reliant on both the agricultural and industrial sectors. The district’s majority of people rely on agriculture as their primary source of income.

There are various tourist hotspots in the area that draw visitors from all over the nation and the world. Baba Basuknath Dham, around 25 kilometers away. One of the main attractions is a holy site northwest of Dumka. To pray to Lord Shiva, pilgrims travel great distances to visit this location. Maluti is a historically significant and revered location. What makes it so great is that because of its amazing archaeology and beautiful natural surroundings, it is a well-liked picnic destination in the Dumka neighborhood.

Most Affordable and Reliable Air Ambulance in Dumka

Given that we have been in the business for more than 20 years, are knowledgeable, and responsible, we are one of the most dependable and respected suppliers of air ambulance services in Dumka. Our economical air ambulance in Dumka, along with our well-trained team and excellent punctuality, makes us more competitive in the market and demonstrates our understanding of the importance of time.

Train Ambulance Services in Dumka | Air Rescuers

If the patient is not in a life-threatening situation and is unable or unable to fly, long distance Emergency Train Ambulance travel is a less expensive alternative to air ambulance travel. When flying is not an option, it is also the best way to transport a patient across a short distance between facilities.
Depending on the route and distance to be traveled, one to two certified registered nurses or critical care paramedics will provide care for each patient.

Most Affordable and Reliable Train Ambulance in Dumka

We are one of the most reputable providers of Train Ambulance Services in Dumka since we have been in the industry for more than 20 years and are competent, accountable, and trustworthy. Our staff is very skilled and punctual, which makes us reliable. We also value time, which makes us more competitive in the market. We are incredibly reasonable in the Dumka train ambulance.

HOW do we work?

Maintaining transparency and honesty is important because it fosters trust, and Air Rescuers does just that.

  • Your first step will be to receive a pricing quote from one of our customer service professionals for the Air Ambulance Service, which also includes staff, medical, and flying costs. [Flight Cost varies with value of time]
  • As soon as you confirm, work will start, and the Air Rescuers team, medical experts, and necessary equipment will all be present.
  • Scheduling has been completed, take-off slots have been properly reserved, and formalities and security clearances have been taken care of.
  • The exit clearance is handled by our employees before we get at our destination.

Choosing Air Rescuers, WHY?

  • All crucial pre-medical emergency care will be provided by the Air Rescuers.
  • We have a sizable network that extends outside India.
  • There are 24-hour services for medical evacuating patients.
  • As soon as you contact us, a member of our support staff will advise you. Air Rescuers will be there for you, offering services based on your needs and assisting you with an evacuation.
  • ICU Setup with Real and Modern Technology. Best and Most Affordable Ambulance Services in Dumka.
  • We take care of all discharge paperwork and security clearance procedures.
  • The required personnel and medical professionals are swiftly secured.
  • A highly qualified and experienced medical staff.
  • There is evacuation assistance on board.
  • Shifting will be under the purview of Air Rescuers.

Extra features

  • Sophisticated equipment is used and constantly replaced when required.
  • 8500+ successful patient transit.
  • Air Rescuers work within the ethos of clinical governance.
  • Offering Organ transplant transport service in India.
  • No hidden or extra transportation charges.
  • Advanced emergency medical air ambulance consists of mini ICU facilities, ECMO, full patient transport system, and medical emergencies.
  • Latest medical equipment.
  • Counseling services
  • Backed by Air medical transport certification by Govt of India
  • Under the supervision of well-trained and expert medical staff.
  • Our company has 24/7 customer/Client service and is available in time of emergency.
  • We provide flights, especially for critical cases with a doctor onboard.
  • In case of ICU is required
  • we provide ICU specialists.
  • We provide bed-to-bed Air Evacuation service.
  • Our air ambulance is 1 Bed Critical Care and is operated by our highly skilled crew.
  • Our Paramedical Staff has years of experience in emergency Air transport and emergency management.


Contact is made- charges are estimated – confirmation is obtained – activation starts.

  • When a connection is made, our support team guides the process of getting quotes for the required services. Once this is established, the entire operation starts and gets underway within a few hours. IS THAT QUICK.


For Contacting Air Rescuers  for Air Ambulance Services in Dumka and for Train Ambulance Services in Dumka call us at +91 98700 01118 or toll-free 18005 321818

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