Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Air Rescuers

Welcome to Air Rescuers Worldwide Private Limited’s (ARWPL) terms and conditions. Our mission is to deliver top-notch medical evacuation flight services, ensuring that patients in life-threatening situations get to their destinations without incident. Whether we utilize commercial air ambulance or charter aircraft, our goal is to complete tasks as soon as possible. What you and we are expected to do is outlined in these terms and conditions. For a seamless experience, you consent to abide by these guidelines if you use our services.

At ARWPL, everyone’s safety is our first priority. To ensure that patients remain healthy throughout their journey, we adhere to stringent policies and procedures. Our medical staff and pilots put in a lot of effort to provide patients with quality care and comfort during the evacuation. Kindly carefully read these terms and conditions. Our staff is available to help whenever you need it and is always willing to answer questions. We appreciate you selecting Air Rescuers for your medical evacuation needs.

Terms and Conditions of Services Provided by Air Rescuers

  • Payment and Conditions for Evacuation: Evacuation services require full payment to be made to ARWPL. The availability of the aircraft and favorable weather conditions are necessary for the evacuation to proceed.
  • Charges and Inclusions: ARWPL will charge a comprehensive fee that covers aircraft flying charges, the medical escort team’s services, and other logistical costs involved in the evacuation.
  • Responsibility for Airlifting Patients: The ultimate responsibility for deciding to airlift a patient rests with ARWPL. Neither the client, patient attendant, nor any third party can impose this decision, ensuring the best interest of patient care and safety.
  • Rules for Attendants and Baggage: ARWPL or the pilot has the authority to refuse allowing attendants or baggage onboard if it compromises flight safety or exceeds the permissible weight limit. Additional services like therapeutic oxygen and wheelchairs are available upon client’s request, depending on availability.
  • Conditions for Passenger Carriage: If a passenger’s condition worsens at the time of embarkation, ARWPL may refuse carriage to ensure safety. ARWPL retains the right to cancel a flight if it poses risks to patient safety or aircraft operation without providing specific reasons.
  • Responsibility for Diversions and Delays: ARWPL is not accountable for flight diversions or delays caused by factors beyond its control, such as air traffic control permissions, weather conditions, or security issues.
  • Payment Terms and Activation Time: There is no credit period provided; full payment (100%) must be made in advance before the scheduled departure. Payments can be made via Cash, Bank A/C, Online Transfer, Debit Card, or Credit Card in the name of “AIR RESCUERS Worldwide PRIVATE LIMITED.” Corporate clients must deduct 2% TDS under section 194/C and deposit it to the TDS department.
  • Aircraft Activation Time: Once payment is credited to ARWPL via any mode, it will take two hours for domestic transfers and twelve hours for international transfers to activate the aircraft.
  • Client’s Payment Responsibility: It is solely the client’s responsibility to ensure that payments for Charter or Medical Evacuation flights are received from the Patient.
  • Aircraft Availability and Conditions: The availability of the aircraft is subject to its availability, airworthiness, and favorable weather conditions.
  • Confirmation and Payment for Evacuation: ARWPL will confirm a medical evacuation flight only after receiving full payment.
  • Costs for Flight Diversions and Additional Sectors: If a flight needs to be diverted due to bad weather, technical reasons, parking availability, refueling needs, or night parking limitations at the destination airport, the client is responsible for bearing the additional costs incurred for extra sectors, hours flown, crew accommodation, and lodging.
  • Liability and Insurance Coverage: The client acknowledges that ARWPL’s liability is limited to what is covered or indemnified by the insurance company under the specific aircraft’s insurance policy. Any other taxes payable on the flight date are the responsibility of the patient or their relatives.
  • Cost Estimation and Final Invoice: All costs are estimated based on distance and the aircraft’s approximate cruising speed under ideal conditions. However, actual costs may vary due to delays or diversions caused by bad weather, refueling needs, VVIP/VIP flights, or unserviceable runways. The final invoice will be based on the actual block flight time (from engine start to engine switch off) and the aircraft or helicopter waiting period on the ground. Costs include aircraft rental, crew salaries, maintenance, insurance, fuel costs, in-flight catering, route navigation charges, landing fees, and parking charges.
  • Force Majeure and Non-Operation of Charter: ARWPL is not responsible for the non-operation of a charter flight due to unforeseen reasons such as bad weather, poor visibility, clearance issues from ATC/Defense Authorities/Civil Administration, or technical problems. If the flight cannot take off from the originating station due to these reasons, a full refund will be provided except for airport charges paid in advance to authorities at uncontrolled airstrips, helipads, etc. Fuel positioning charges will not be refunded.
  • Weather Conditions and Flight Charges: While destination weather is always obtained before departure, if sudden weather deterioration en-route or at the destination prevents landing and necessitates returning to the starting point or diverting to another airport, the actual flying time will be chargeable. Any balance will be payable or refundable accordingly.
  • Responsibility for Technical Snags: The operator is not responsible if any technical issues arise in the aircraft that cannot be rectified within the time limit and affect the flight’s operation.

Cancellation Policy of Air Rescuers

  • Cancellation Policy After Confirmation: If you cancel after confirming the flight, 25% of the total charter cost is non-refundable.
  • Cancellation 12 Hours Before Flight: If you cancel within 12 hours before the flight, 50% of the total charter cost is non-refundable.
  • Last Minute Cancellation or No Show: If you cancel last minute or don’t show up due to deteriorated condition, being unfit to fly, or the patient’s unfortunate passing, 100% of the total charter cost will be deducted with no refund.
  • Cancellation After Departure from Base Station: If you cancel after the flight has departed from the base station (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad), no refund will be given.
  • Baggage Restrictions: Medium-sized baggage with dimensions of up to 26 inches (height) and 18 inches (width) are allowed onboard.
  • Jurisdiction and Contract Agreement: Both parties agree that this contract is governed exclusively by Indian law, and Mumbai is the sole place of jurisdiction for any legal matters related to this contract.