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Air Ambulance Services in Dhanbad– Jharkhand’s Dhanbad area, which is a portion of the North Chotanagpur division, has its administrative centre. City used to be a part of the Manbhum district, which was governed by the Mundari or Kolarian people. These races were indigenous to the South of undivided Bihar. Agriculture and industry are the two industries that Dhanbad’s economy depends on the most. A portion of its people works in agriculture to support their families.

Paddy, wheat, oilseeds, and other agricultural products are the main exports from the area. Farmers in the area are increasing their production of a wide range of agricultural products thanks to their use of modern agricultural technologies. The neighbourhood is well renowned for being home to a number of prestigious educational institutions. It gives access to higher education. Indian School of Mines is one of its most well-known universities.

Many tourists from all over the country and the world are drawn to the district’s many tourist hotspots. A stunning village in Govindpur is home to Charak Pathar, a very massive, antique white stone boulder. This location is known for the Pandeshwar Mahadev Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. The Topanchi Water Reservoir, a renowned community located on Grand Trunk Road, has an area of 214 Ac. To this huge Dhanbad we Air Rescuers are here as an emergency ambulance service provider in Dhanbad with Air Ambulance Services in Dhanbad, Road Ambulance Services in Dhanbad and Train Ambulance in Dhanbad.

Any Air Ambulance transfer from Dhanbad to any other Dhanbad, such as Dhanbad to Mumbai Air Ambulance, Dhanbad to Chennai Air Ambulance, Dhanbad to Delhi Air Ambulance, Dhanbad to Kolkata Air Ambulance or any other location, handled by Air Rescuers, a one-stop shop for all your medical emergencies.

Most Affordable and Reliable Air Ambulance in Dhanbad

Our company offers ambulance services, and now the people of city may feel more secure knowing how much these services would cost in Dhanbad. establishing connections between all tier 2 and tier 3 cities and major metropolitan areas using the best hospital network available, Our price is competitive in the market which makes in the most affordable Air Ambulance Service in Dhanbad

Train Ambulance Services in Dhanbad

Through Air Rescuers Train Ambulance Services, we are prepared to provide our valued clients with the best train ambulance in Dhanbad. Our team provides the patients with the best care and treatment possible. For the transportation of patients needing advanced facilities, there is an emergency train ambulance service that runs from and to Dhanbad.

Most Affordable and Reliable Train Ambulance in Dhanbad.

We offer a hospital feel. As you choose us, we’ll take care of all the details involved in transferring patients via air transfer from one city’s hospital to another. Cost-Effective Train Ambulance Services in Dhanbad. Air Rescuers handle all departure clearance procedures as well as security checks.

HOW do we work?

Keeping things open and honest is important because it fosters trust, and Air Rescuers does just that.

  • Our support team will first offer you a quote for the Air Ambulance Service costs, which also include staff costs, medical costs, and flying costs. [Flight Cost varies by time value].
  • Work starts immediately as you confirm.
  • Scheduling is done, take-off slots are reserved appropriately, and formalities and security clearances are handled.
  • Before we land to our destination, our crew takes care of exit clearance.

Choosing Air Rescuers, WHY?

The Air Rescuers are going to handle all of the pre-medical emergency critical care.

  • Good network throughout India.
  • As soon as you get in touch with us, our support team will give you advice. From suggesting services based on your needs to helping you exit, Air Rescuers is there for you.
  • In Vellore, the most affordable and efficient emergency transfer services.
  • We handle all discharge paperwork and security clearance requirements.
  • The needed employees and doctors are arranged quickly.
  • Onboard aid for evacuation is provided.
  • Air Rescuers are responsible for shifting solely in bed-to-bed transfers.

Some Additional Features :-

  • Our company has 24/7 customer/Client service and is available in time of emergency.
  • We provide flights, especially for critical cases with a doctor onboard.
  • We provide bed-to-bed evacuation services.
  • Our air ambulance is 1 Bed Critical Care and is operated by our highly skilled crew.
  • Our Paramedical Staff has years of experience in emergency Air transport and emergency management.
  • Response time will be as quick as 15 min.
  • Capacity: 4 people [1 family member included]


Contact is established – Charges are quoted – Confirmation is received – Activation begins.

  • When a contact is established, our help staff leads the way through the process where the needed services are quoted. Once this is confirmed, the entire operation begins and takes off in a matter of hours. IT’S THAT FAST.


For Contacting Air Rescuers for Air Ambulance Services in Dhanbad and for Train Ambulance Services in Dhanbad call us at +91 98700 01118 or toll-free 18005 321818.

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