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Air Rescuers is available to all your needy. It performs its responsibility to transfer its patients from one bed to another at an affordable cost. We provide on-call booking availability round the clock anytime and anywhere as our Air Ambulance medical team. Our Team is ready to transfer patients in an instant if any serious call is booked. Air Rescuers provide air ambulance services from Varanasi to other cities. Such as: Delhi-Mumbai-Kolkata-Chennai-Ranchi-Hyderabad-Raipur-Guwahati or even all over India or abroad.

And with complete ICU a setup like ventilators, suction machines, infusion pumps, nebulizer machines, oxygen cylinders, etc. Emergency patients are transferred from one city to another.

  • 24 * 7 * 365 hours of continuous and non-stop emergency services from Varanasi
  • World-class and good ICU emergency medical escorts from Varanasi
  • Affordable booking of air ambulance and train ambulance
  • ICU facility from one bed to another with quality services from Varanasi

Most people want to know whether a family member or relative can accompany the patient in the air ambulance:-

Typically, a family member is allowed to travel by the patient in an air ambulance. But it would be right to get information about it in advance. Low-cost booking fares do not allow anyone who wanders here and there without any delay. And we provide very high-tech medical equipment for a long time. As well as our experienced medical dispatcher team, they provide rest during the transport time.


If you need reliable and fast air ambulance service from Varanasi, call us immediately at 9870001118 and enjoy our best air ambulance services in Varanasi.

Our air ambulance service is of the world level and managed by highly experienced and qualified staff because We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. They do not have any trouble with anything because We are one of the best and the fastest air ambulance provider companies in Varanasi.

If you need any Air ambulance services in Varanasi or in the different cities! Then take care of our valued points given below. So, that you can easily get an Air Ambulance service from anywhere

  • For medical evacuation, send an e-mail address on our online request, by writing your name and address or calling on our 24X7 line.

In any form of the air ambulance service and a doctor or nurse goes with the patient in the entire transfer. For all these reasons, it is advisable to transfer patients in Varanasi and other different cities.

At the time of transferring the patient and we are with patients to develop comprehensive implant travel plans to save you. Air Rescuers have access to a big highway as an ambulance service across the country. Our Air Ambulance Service will be available to you at least in every aspect, following your budget; you can easily get this service.

If you need the services of Air Ambulance in Varanasi from any cities or any city in India! Then call us directly and get this service easily.


Not only have to meet your air had ambulance service needed but also to fulfill your rail ambulance service. You can contact Air Rescuers. This is a pioneer destination to grab rail ambulance services in Varanasi. Without any delay, the source takes steps so that you can obtain the needed rail ambulance services in Varanasi. For fulfilling your rail ambulance service needs to contact Air Rescuers. And you will be capable of saving the time and effort of booking rail ambulances.

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