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The air ambulance services in Prayagraj are a world-class ICU that facilitates setup and takes utmost care of the transfer of critical patients. Mainly Air Rescuers Service Provider has several branches in India through which one can enjoy the service without any delay.

We provide the safest air ambulance service or operate aircraft from Prayagraj at a reasonable cost which ensures better safety. Along with providing a one-stop solution for the customer, all ensure medical emergency services. After the presentations of the air ambulance at Prayagraj, the people of Prayagraj are breathing a sigh of relief as all types of patients are being shifted to other cities without any trouble.


  • 24/7 hourly services as per availability in a different region
  • Full support to all types of medical specialists MD doctors
  • Bed-to-bed medical evacuation facility from one city to another
  • Transparent medical care plus quality support

Air Rescuers offers ambulance services to its very serious and patients from the city of Prayagraj to other cities like: Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Vellore, Bangalore, Lucknow, Jaipur, Guwahati, Kolkata, and Goa for their air ambulance services.

Online booking with very advanced ICU equipment! Our teams are available for very serious patients within 2 to 3 hours after booking. Most of the serious patients are being shifted from Prayagraj to other cities by air ambulance services and with ICU medical team at very low cost.


  • One of the best in emergency services
  • Bed to bed services by air ambulance to any city from Prayagraj
  • Comprehensive life care support to deal with serious patients
  • 24 * 7 is on which provides hassle-free booking and ensure
  • Patients involved with a team of medical professionals

We provide one of the most possible air ambulance services in India.

In Air Rescuers teams, emergency medical evacuation is provided to patients with highly equipped medical facilities.

Our air ambulance services in Prayagraj are dispatched with a team of specialist doctors who are ready to provide all necessary care to the patient.

The cost here is so economical that you can easily afford it. It is providing minimum cost to book services. If you are really looking for the best medical flight, just call us anytime.

We use the latest equipment to deliver the best care to the patient. Such as ventilator, ICU setups, oxygen cylinders, BP machine, cardiac monitor, emergency medicine, oximeter, etc. are used.

Air ambulance services in Prayagraj is giving you many benefits like:

  • 24/7/365 days call
  • Commercial stretcher
  • Specialist medical team
  • Bed to Bed Services
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality

You can also avail services to other cities along with Prayagraj city. Our main mission is to help the victim so that he gets the right care. Our doctors and paramedical staff here treat all the patients and treat them like family members and give sympathy to the patient.


Apart from hiring air ambulance, if you need obtaining the facilities of Rail ambulance services in Prayagraj! Then contacting Air Rescuers you will get a great scope to meet your requirements. These are the reasons; you should have to become interested in meeting your air ambulance or rail ambulance. Meet your needs with effective services from Air Rescuers.

The air ambulance service provider renders a well-equipped and advanced  care unit where every emergency facility is available for critical patients such as specialist team, ICU specialist. Surviving patients with machines, oxygen cylinders, pacemakers, defibrillators and lifetime support. Air Ambulance Cost is one of the most affordable and low cost air ambulance service providers with affordable price, safe transfer, reliable demand, 24/7 hour service availability. And charges everything.

We handle all details of Your Medical Escort Service via Rail. Now a days, the Rail (Train) ambulance services are becoming more popular as all classes of people can offered these services in India.Less expensive than air ambulance or long distance ground transportation. Dependent on Indian railway schedules and seat availability -requires 24 hours minimum for activation.

Air Rescuers Service via Rail is fabricated with one intention to ensure safe and cost effective rail transportation of critically ill patients to the best hospital in ‘Golden hours’ following an on accident or a phenomena.

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