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Our services include:-

1) Medical Escort Team ? 1 Doctor & 1 Nurse/ Technician.

2) Medical equipments as per requirement like ventilator, Defibrillator, Multipara monitor, suction machine, Syringe pump, and emergency medical kit & Oxygen.

3)Itinerary details and ticketing in AC 2 tier ( Total four Tickets–2+ 2 ) OR in AC 1st whichever is Available

4) Ground Ambulance @ Both ends. It will be complete Bed to Bed transfer.

5) Direct assistance with check-in, security clearance and boarding on/off the train.



Depend on ticket cost + medical team 40000 + processing fees 20000


ARWPL provides medical evacuation by train services as per the details given below

(I) The responsibility to transfer the patient by train will finally rest with the Patient and the attendants. You must discuss the patient condition with the treating Doctor prior to transportation (by train) in the best interest of the patient care and safety.
Please understand that transportation by Train is more time consuming in comparison to AIR AMBULANCE, hence chances of having complications (including death) are more.

(II) ARWPL shall charge a net amount inclusive of train fare charge for one patient & one attendant (If possible two), medical escort team in AC II tier or AC 1st Class and other logistic cost involved.

(III) Train transportation is subject to seat availability and Indian Railways schedule and weather conditions, please note that in Urgency the tickets are booked in Tatkal and the allotment of seat is totally dependent on Indian Railways own booking system. It can not be choice seats. Once booked the unchoice Tatkal seats it can not be cancelled and hence its not refundable.

(IV) If at time of embarkation the condition of the passenger is worse than the details provided, carriage may be refused. Any case, which ARWPL feels, might jeopardize the safety or operation of the patient will not be accepted. That ARWPL shall not be liable to provide any reasons for cancelling the transportation by train. Please note that no refund shall be given under such circumstances.

(V) That ARWPL shall not be responsible in case of any delay in the train which may be caused for any reason whatsoever which is beyond the control of ARWPL (including but not limited to permission from Indian railways Authorities, cancellation of any such permission, weather conditions, security reasons etc).

(VI) ARWPL would provide no credit period to CLIENT for the payment .50% of the Amount of the total Payment has to be made in advance at the time of booking and balance 50% payment has to be made before starting the journey from Hospital/Home.

Payment has to be made in the name of “AIR RESCUERS WORLD WIDE PRIVATE LIMITED.” as Cash / Bank A/C / Online Transfer / Debit Card / Credit Card.

(VII) Additional nursing attendant & wheelchairs can be provided on client’s request subject to availability and shall be charge separately.

(VIII) FORCE MAJURE Operator does not hold itself responsible for non-operation of Indian Railways services for any unforeseen reason/s such as 1. Bad Weather 2. Poor Visibility or Heavy Rain.
Due to above reasons if the train is cancelled from the Originating station, only amount against the train ticket will be refunded. Please note that medical escort team shall be charged in such circumstances.

(IX) ARWPL is not responsible if any technical snag developed in the train during journey or if train accident happens.

(X) Cancellation Charges:-

1) In case the CLIENT cancel Train transportation before we start from the base location (Mumbai/Delhi), 25% of total cost as operational cost and the total ticket cost which has been purchased would be levied and the same will be charged to the client.

2) In case the CLIENT cancel train transportation after medical escort team left from the base location (Mumbai/Delhi), the entire Amount will be charged .—- No Refund will be given

3)Non confirmation of waiting ticket —
If the medical escort team reaches the hospital for patient transportation and in unfortunate scenario waiting tickets are not confirmed the amount shall be adjusted in next feasible train transportation . If client insist on cancelling the patient transportation by ARWPL 40% of the total cost would be deducted.

(XI) Arbitration: In the event of disputes, differences or claims between the parties hereto, arising out of this agreement or in any way relating hereto, or any term, condition or provision herein mentioned or the construction or interpretation thereof or otherwise in relation hereto, the parties shall first endeavor to settle such differences, disputes, claims or questions by friendly mutual discussion. Failing settlement by friendly mutual discussion, the same shall be referred to arbitration of person to be appointed by ARWPL. The venue of Arbitration will be kalyan (Thane, Maharashtra).

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