Neonatal and Pediatric Transportation Services in India

Neonatal and Pediatric Transportation Services in India

Neonatal and Pediatric Transportation Services in India

Pediatric- A pediatrician is a healthcare practitioner who specializes in diagnosing and treating young children, adolescents, infants who is in charge of providing children with physical, behavioral, and emotional care from birth to age 18.

Pediatric Flight at Air Rescuers

Patient transport for newborns and children has developed into a specialty in emergency care. In particular when it comes to newborns, infants, and young children, we at AirRescuers are familiar with the end-to-end needs of every area of emergency transfer. We therefore hope that this blog would work as an informative guide for all caregivers and parents on selecting Air Ambulance for their child’s health.

Intensive care units are located on board pediatric flight of Air Rescuers, a medical aircraft. These flights can operate in all weather conditions and have a greater range. Both the Indian government and the international community have accredited and certified these flights. The newborn sometimes demands an emergency medical procedure soon after birth.

Frequently, those procedures might not be available in which the infant is born. When that happens, we serve as an air ambulance and can promptly and safely perform a bed-to-bed transport for the parents and the newborn. Additionally, while transporting premature infants or kids with serious illnesses, we take the highest precautions.

    Neonatal Care

    A hospital’s pediatric department has a separate area called the “NICU” where prematurely born newborns are kept for a few days or perhaps a few weeks depending on their severity. The staff at this hospital section are specially trained to care for infants and their unique demands, and they also have specialized equipment.

    • Inside an Air Rescuers Pediatric Flight are well equipped with medical facilities.
    • The modern, state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care unit.
    • The NICU incubator.
    • Lung specialists.
    • Specifically to allow for the dynamic transfer of babies, incubators were designed.
    • Tidal amounts of up to 2 ml on a ventilator that can save the lives of premature infants.
    • Heart function can be seen visually using sonographic and echocardiographic equipment.
    • With the aid of a defibrillator, ECG, pacemaker, Pulse oximetry, NIBP, and IBP sensors, the baby is continuously monitored.
    • Syringes for effectiveness of healthcare.
    • Children’s ventilation aids and a specially designed Video laryngoscope.
    • Methods for intraocular access and venous detection, particularly in children.
    • Neonatal ICU Level 3 modules, isolated incubators with climate control, and low-flow oxygen blenders.

    How Do we Transport Infants in an Incubator?

    Infant transport incubators have been a mainstay of the neonatal transport sector. Whether it’s a critical aeromedical transport or a straightforward back transit of a healthy newborn, Air Rescuers Air Ambulance incubators can be customized for any mission.

    Neonatal incubators offer the infant thermal support. The majority of incubators additionally have controls for regulating the air’s relative humidity and oxygen content for the baby. In an open incubator, a baby is put on a level surface with a radiant heat element either positioned above or supplying heat from below. The heat output is adjusted accordingly by the temperature of the baby’s skin. Although there may be numerous monitors visible, the incubator is open above the newborn.

    These pediatric air ambulance units are outfitted with advanced medical technology because infants require extra care to survive. An Air Rescuers air ambulance has equivalent resources to the care a newborn would receive in a hospital.

      We operate other emergency transit or evacuation as well.

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