The purpose of the Air Rescuers Services is to deal with critical patient transport worldwide. In an emergency, every second counts. If someone is seriously injured in an accident or suddenly collapses, the victim could have serious medical complications if he does not receive treatment fast.

Our system has several unique and innovative features –

  • Private Medically Equipped Aircraft

Private Medically Equipped Aircraft is a private jet that is designed and furnished with the best technology and personnel to accommodate and moved medically fragile passengers or medically sensitive cargo such as donated human organs. Private medical jets are configured to serve as mini intensive care units and are capable of providing critical care, advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) services. Exactitude perspective provides the private, corporate, or business aircraft charter customer the overall efficiency to protect their investment, receive a significant discount on their services and the caliber to enjoy the convenience of one phone call to reserve private Aircraft.

  • Medically Equipped Aircraft

We have the comprehensive experience in providing medical escort services and our patients range from those capacitate to walk to those who have reduced mercuriality &

    compromise those unable to care for themselves. We promised in delivering the best service in industry. Medical repatriation may be necessary for your patient or family member if they are injured or fall ill and need to return to their home country or state. The patient must qualify as BLS, be able to sit for an extended period of time especially during takeoffs and landings and desire limited oxygen use. We also provide International Stretcher Services in Medical Escort Service.

    • International Commercial Stretcher Service

    Commercial Medical Stretcher Service is most required when a patient becomes unhealthy in a foreign country, or a foreigner needs to be repatriated. Therefore, it is only available on international flights via a few Chosen commercial airline companies. This option is grossly economical compared to Private Air Ambulance. The patients and their families could save tens of thousand of dollars using this type of service. Apart from this, the staff coordinates and manages all aspects of the flight, ticketing, obtaining visas if necessary, arranging for all ground transportation, clearing the transport with government agencies.