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When someone is injured and needs urgent help, time is really important. Regular ways of getting to the hospital might not be fast enough. That’s when Air Rescuers Air Ambulance Services can help. We have a really good team and really advance equipment. We can quickly and safely take sick people to the right medical place. It’s like a special ambulance that flies in the air to get people help as fast as possible. Contact Air Rescuers at any time to get the best air ambulance services.

Key Features of Air Rescuers Air Ambulance Services:

Air Rescuers Air Ambulance Service is really good for helping injured people. Here are some important things about our service:

Quick Help: Air Rescuers knows that emergencies need fast help. We can get our special ambulances in the air really quickly to take sick people to the hospital fast.

Always Ready: We are always ready to help. Emergencies can happen at any time, day or night. Air Rescuers is always available to give quick help. Our team is prepared all the time.

Skilled Medical Team: Air Rescuers has a really good team of doctors, nurses, and paramedics. These are people who know a lot about medical stuff. We can take care of sick people during the entire journey to the hospital.

Advanced Equipment: Our special ambulances have really good medical tools. We have things like ventilators, defibrillators, monitors, and more. These tools help to give the best care to sick people while they are being taken to the hospital.

Global Reach: Air Rescuers can help not only in our country but also in other countries. We have good connections in the aviation (flying) world, so we can reach even faraway places to help sick people.

Medical Facilities provided by Air Rescuers:

Air Rescuers Air Ambulance Service makes sure that sick people get the best medical care while they are being taken to the hospital. Here are some ways through which we take care of patients:

Advanced Help: The medical team at Air Rescuers is really good at giving advanced help to patients who need extra care. We can give medicines, manage breathing, and stabilize vital signs to make sure the patient is okay.

Smooth Transfer: Air Rescuers makes it easy for patients to move from one place to another. We provide a service where the patient is taken from the current hospital to the new one without any problems. This helps the patient and their family feel less stressed.

Special Care: Air Rescuers knows that each patient is different. Some may be kids, some may be older, and some may need special care. Our medical team is ready to handle all kinds of medical needs, whether it’s for kids, older people, or anyone else.

Accompanied Flights: Sometimes, a patient might not need a whole air ambulance. In those cases, Air Rescuers can send a medical professional to travel with the patient on a regular airplane. This person makes sure the patient is safe and taken care of during the journey.

How to contact Air Rescuers?

If you need to get in touch with Air Rescuers Air Ambulance Service, it’s easy! Here’s how you can do it:

Emergency Hotline: We have a special phone number +91 9870001118 just for emergencies. You can call this number anytime, day or night. When you call, you can tell us what’s happening, and they’ll be ready to help.

Website: Air Rescuers has a website ( has all the information you might need. You can go to our website and find a form to fill out. This form helps you ask for our help or get more information about what we can do.

Email: If you prefer using email, you can send us a message at Just write what you need or ask any questions you have, and send it to our email address.

If it’s an emergency, make sure to give us the right details, like where the sick person is, what’s wrong, and where they need to go. This helps us to understand the situation quickly and give the help that’s needed. Air Rescuers is there to make sure people get the best care, especially in critical situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How fast can an air ambulance respond during an emergency in Gujarat?

Ans. Air ambulance services, like Air Rescuers, aim for a quick response. We are available 24/7, and our goal is to dispatch air ambulances promptly, understanding the urgency of medical emergencies.

Q2. Can air ambulance services be used for non-emergency situations?

Ans. Yes, air ambulance services can be used for non-emergency situations, such as transporting patients who require specialized medical care or moving individuals with limited mobility over long distances.

Q3. How can I contact Air Rescuers for air ambulance services?

Ans. You can contact Air Rescuers by calling our 24/7 helpline. We are ready to assist and provide information on air ambulance services whenever needed.

Q4. Who are the professionals onboard an air ambulance?

Ans. Air Rescuers has a team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals onboard, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics. We undergo rigorous training to handle critical cases and provide constant medical supervision during the journey.

Q5. How does Air Rescuers coordinate air ambulance transfers?

Ans. Coordination involves multiple stakeholders, including hospitals, ground support teams, and aviation authorities. Air Rescuers excels in seamless coordination, managing all logistics efficiently to provide a hassle-free experience for patients and their families.

Q6. Why would someone need an air ambulance?

Ans. People might need air ambulances for various reasons, such as medical emergencies in remote areas, the need for quick transportation, or when regular ground transportation is not feasible.

Q7. What medical equipment is available on an air ambulance?

Ans. Air ambulances, especially those provided by Air Rescuers, are equipped with advanced medical tools. This includes life support systems, monitoring devices, and other necessary equipment to ensure the patient receives high-quality medical care during transportation.

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