How to Book Air Ambulance with Air Rescuers

How to Book Air Ambulance with Air Rescuers

How to Book Air Ambulance with Air Rescuers

About Air Rescuers World Wide

Air Rescuers being established in the year 1999 is known for its superior patient transfer through air ambulance for elevated standards of care and management. We provide complete bed to bed transfer, repatriating domestic and international patients using specially equipped fixed wing aircraft’s, commercial jets & helicopters.

We have shifted more than 8500 patients in last 16 years through our air ambulance, for air ambulance services and commercial stretchers as Air Ambulance India. We have shifted more than 600 patients globally through our word wide air ambulance and commercial stretchers, as international air ambulance.

Our services mainly include corporate aviation services which include aircraft charter, private charter services, helicopter charter, helicopter rental services, air ambulance and rail ambulance services, which are ready to operate anywhere in the world.

We operate in various locations across India that include all the places from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Jammu Kashmir.

Our services comprises of: ground transportation, well trained doctors and nursing staff experienced to handle any kind of emergencies, specialized air transfer in dedicated jets & commercial airlines and other services as required. We give affordable Air Ambulance Cost in India.

What are Air Ambulances in general

Medical emergencies can be met any moment, requiring immediate medical attention. The situation needs immediate attention especially when away from your home, country, or the nearest medical institution. Air Ambulances come into the picture to act on those emergencies and make you reach your destinations in no time to receive the necessary treatments. The air ambulance services also work in the non-emergency situations even for a mere transfer from one place to another for a regular visit to the hospital. 

Air Rescuers Worldwide can provide the Booking for such air ambulances and other service ambulances as mentioned below – 

Our Services 

Rail Ambulance 

Want easy transfer and effective prices all in one package? Rail Ambulance is your answer! Rail Ambulances work as a transport system through railways for patients who need to be in the nearest medical institution to get treated. They work as a comfortable and efficient way to get the patients to their desired locations with complete medical equipment, kits and medical staff to take special care of them. Creating a hospital like environment which will give immediate treatment to the patients till we reach the hospital, Air Rescuer Train compartments are well equipped for the quick stability of the patients.

Commercial Air Ambulance 

When not wanting to use personalized air charter services, Commercial or Scheduled Flights come into view. With lower prices, a comfortable and safe travel experience, a commercial air stretcher service from air rescuers transfer the patient through a regular flight with a stretcher and necessary medical equipment for the patient’s  immediate treatments till reaching the medical institute.  The service encompasses worldwide transfers and is not restricted to flights to and from the Indian subcontinent. We have been repatriating patients on international flights with medical escorts Worldwide.

Helicopter Ambulances 

Another service air rescuers specialize in are the helicopter Ambulances for emergency and non-emergency situations. The highly professional helicopters can be used for a basic transferral of patients in need of medical attention. These Helicopter Ambulance services are available National and Internationally. Air Rescuers offer best reasonable prices for helicopter ambulances which consists of fully reliable professionals of nurses, personnel and paramedics at the patient’s disposal in the helicopter during the whole evacuation process. Ensuring the safety of our patients is top most priority of Air Rescuers.

Air Rescuers Organ Transplant Transport Services


Organ requirement in case of damaged organs ask for immediate assistance for transplantation. The transplantation or the replacement of the damaged organs needs to be transferred from one place to another in case the donor and recipient are not in the same place. The air Ambulances play a great role in the transportation of organs especially in case of emergencies where the organs need to reach in time to save lives. Air Rescuers Organ Transplant Transport Services fulfils all such roles and requirement that are expected from our services worldwide. We are the fastest growing ambulance service provider in Kolkata; In fact, we are available worldwide for both charter and commercial air ambulance patient transportation purposes. Life support equipment is also available for patients with an emergency medical transport service from Air Rescuers, such as –

  • Cardiac monitor
  • Ventilator
  • Infusion pump
  • Suction Machine
  • Oxygen Cylinders and advanced accessories.

Patient Transportation with ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) 

The life support machine ECMO acts as the solution to a severe life threatening situation where the body of the patient cannot function naturally or stops entirely. The machine replaces the functions of the organs namely the heart and lungs that don’t provide enough oxygen to the body and doesn’t pump enough blood in the body respectively.  Air Rescuers provide ECMO services worldwide through our Air Ambulances where this type of an emergency with the patients can be treated immediately. Our experienced staff are well trained and ready for any circumstances and emergency situations to deal with.

How to Book Air Ambulance Services through Air Rescuers

  • To Book Air Ambulance Services through Air Rescuers –
  • Contact us on 18005321818 / 9870001118 and our Representative will get in touch with you to know your requirements and arrange the services and facilities we offer.
  • Share your requirements about the services to our representative 
  • They will in return share the proposals and their estimates to the respected services you require 
  • Once we get your requirements we will deploy our services with our staff and personnel at your disposal 
  • We will continue maintaining our contact with you for monitoring and reporting the situations at all times and stay connected through the entire process. 

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