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1. Private Charter Air Ambulance

A) Private Charter Aircraft Air ambulance—-

Patient stretcher + 2 Patient relative + 1 Doctor+ 1 Nurse/Technician

Emergency Medical kit (Ventilator, multipara monitor, defibrillator, suction machine, Oxygen etc….

Ground Ambulance @ Delhi & Mumbai

B) Pricing

Beach Craft King air C- 90 = Rs. 65000 per hour

Pilatus PC 12 = Rs.70000 per hour

Beach Craft King air B-200 = 75000 per hour

This charges are revised every 3 months according to fuel cost.

C) Documents required

Case Summary of patient with all relevant medical reports

ID copy of patient & attendants

Pan Card copy of the person making the payment

Please confirm the same by mail.


ARWPL  provides medical evacuation flight services either by charter aircraft or commercial

air ambulance as per the details given below

(I) ARWPL shall charge a net amount inclusive of aircraft flying charge ,medical escort team and other logistic cost involved.

(II) The responsibility to Air Lift the patient will finally rest with ARWPL and neither the client / Patient attendant nor third party would impose this decision, in the best interest of the patient care and safety.

(III) That ARWPL and/or the pilot may refuse to allow any attendant, baggage inside the Aircraft and/or de-board such baggage and/or passenger in case the pilot in his sole discretion deems it fit and proper for the safety of the flight and/or in case the total payload weight exceeds the permissible limit. Additional therapeutic oxygen & wheelchairs can be provided on client’s request subject to availability

(IV) If at time of embarkation the condition of the patient is worse than the details provided, carriage may be refused. Any case, which ARWPL feels, might jeopardize the safety or operation of the patient and/or the Aircraft, will not be accepted. That ARWPL shall not be liable to provide any reasons for cancelling the flight.

(V) That ARWPL shall not be responsible in case of any diversion and/or delay in the flight which may be caused for any reason whatsoever which is beyond the control of ARWPL (including but not limited to permission from ATC/Airport Authorities, cancellation of any such permission, weather conditions, security reasons etc).

(VI) ARWPL would provide no credit period to CLIENT for the payment. The payment has to be made in advance (full 100%) before the scheduled departure take place.

(VII) Payment has to be made in the Name of “AIR RESCUERS PRIVATE LIMITED.” as Cash / Bank A/C /Online Transfer / Debit Card / Credit Card. If the payment is made by corporate/ Proprietary/Company or any other firm the TDS of 2% under section 194/C has to deducted by the client and same should be deposited to TDS department

(VIII) Once the payment has been credited to Air Rescuers via any mode it will take two hours of time for the activation of the Aircraft. In Domestics transfers and in International it will take twelve hours of time for activation.

(IX) It is the sole responsibility of CLIENT to ensure that the payments for Charter / Medical Evacuation flights are received from the Patient.

(X) Aircraft is subject to availability of Aircraft, Airworthiness and Weather Condition.

(XI) ARWPL will confirm medical evacuation flight only after the full payment is received by ARWPL

(XII) In case, if the flight has to be diverted to some other sector/s due to bad weather or other technical reason/s or due to non availability of the parking space or for refueling at the destination airport or due to non- availability of the night parking facilities at the destination airport, the client would bear the cost of the additional sector/s and Hours flown along with crew accommodation and lodging.

(XIII) CLIENT agrees that the liability of ARWPL shall be limited to the extent that is covered / indemnified by the Insurance Company under the Insurance policy taken for the particular Aircraft and is satisfied with the insurance policy of the Aircraft. Any other tax levied or payable on the date of the flight shall be borne by the Patient or their relatives.

(XIV) All costs are estimated & based on distance and approximate cruising speed of the aircraft in nil wind conditions. Any delay /diversion due to bad weather or refueling purpose, VVIP/VIP flight, unserviceable runway etc. have not been taken into consideration. The final invoice will be based on actual Block Flight Time (measured fro “Engine starting” to “Engine Switch off”) and aircraft / Helicopter waiting period on ground. The costs include Aircraft Rental, Crew Salaries, Maintenance, Insurance, Fuel Costs, In-flight catering, Route Navigation Charges, Landing and Parking Charges.

(XV) FORCE MAJURE Operator does not hold itself responsible for non-operation of charter for any unforeseen reason/s such as 1. Bad Weather 2. Poor Visibility 3. Non Availability of clearances from ATC / Defense Authorities / Civil Administration 4. Technical Problem.

Due to above reasons if the flight cannot take off from the Originating station full amount will be refunded other than Airport charges paid

In advance to the authorities at uncontrolled Airstrips, Helipads etc. & the Fuel positioning charges will not be refunded.

(XVI) We always obtain the destination weather before departure. However, if due to sudden deterioration of weather en-route / destination, the aircraft cannot land at the Destination and has to return to the starting point or divert to some other airport, the actual flying time would be chargeable and balance if any would be payable / refundable.

(XVII) Operator is not responsible if any technical snag developed in the aircraft which cannot be rectified within the time limit and effect the operation of flight.

(XVIII) Cancellation Charges:-

I) After Confirmation ——— 10% of total charter cost

II) 12-Hrs before flight ——- 50% of total chartercost

III) No Show ——————– No Refund

IV) Cancellation done after departure from Base Station, No Refund will be given.

(XIX) Baggage Restrictions: Medium Size baggages are allowed with a dimension of HEIGHT: 26 INCHES / 67 CM & WIDTH: 18 INCHES / 45 CM on board.

(XX)Arbitration: In the event of disputes, differences or claims between the parties hereto, arising out of this agreement or in any way relating hereto, or any term, condition or provision herein mentioned or the construction or interpretation thereof or otherwise in relation hereto, the parties shall first endeavor to settle such differences, disputes, claims or questions by friendly mutual discussion. Failing settlement by friendly mutual discussion, the same shall be referred to arbitration of person to be appointed by ARWPL. The venue of Arbitration will be kalyan (Thane, Maharashtra).

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