Air Ambulance Service cost in Mumbai

Best Air Ambulance Service cost in Mumbai

Air Ambulance And Train Ambulance Service Cost In Mumbai

The best Air Ambulance Service cost in Mumbai. Patients are transferred from one city to another with emergency service from both our best Air and Train Ambulance services.


Are you looking for an Air Ambulance Service provider in Mumbai? Are you tired of searching through websites to find the best quote from top air ambulance companies? If yes, your search ends here. At Air Rescuers, you will find the most comprehensive and complete Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai. It is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to book an air ambulance without facing any risk and delay.

Air Rescuer is providing the best and most reliable services to the patient at a very low cost in Mumbai, India. We are always ready to take off at any time from Mumbai airport with all types of medical equipment for the patient. We provide complete bedside to bedside transfer facility to our patients with all advanced medical facilities and a well-trained doctor and paramedical staff in our air ambulance and train ambulance in Mumbai. We are dedicated to delivering an immaculate and professional service 24×7, 365 days a year. Air Rescuers has been helping patients like you for over 20 years, with a specialist team that has many years of experience.

Air Rescuer is a complete solution for all your medical emergencies including patient transport by Air Ambulance Services from Mumbai to Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Vellore, and other major cities of India or abroad. We provide 24 hours emergency air ambulance service in Mumbai with the bed to bed facility at a very low cost.

We are one of the most trusted service providers for air ambulances in Mumbai, India. We have a number of satisfied clientele who always wish to hire us. It has been our commitment to provide qualitative service and support for the last 21 + years.

Mumbai has India’s best general healthcare foundations by a long shot at this point it necessities somewhere around twofold of its clinical faculty and wellbeing offices to have the option to serve its underserved residents, an India spend investigation has uncovered.

Mumbai’s current healthcare foundation was arranged somewhere in the range of 1950 and 1980 to take care of 5.2 and 7 million individuals, while the offices are as of now utilized by around 13 million people, said a World Bank study.

Mumbai has a network of 16 municipal general hospitals, five maternity homes, 26 specialty hospitals, 162 municipal dispensaries, and 168 health posts. In addition, the state government has one medical college hospital, three general hospitals, and two health units.

Public hospitals in Mumbai can serve 20,000 patients; private hospitals can handle 22,000 patients every day.

The vast majority of Mumbai’s kin rush to state-run medical clinics since they are reasonable. For instance, an angioplasty at an administration medical clinic costs somewhere near Rs.75,000, while a private clinic charges between Rs. 3 lakh and 3.5 lakh for a similar technique.

Mumbai’s medical care is genuinely illustrative of metropolitan India’s medical care difficulties. Mumbai is one of India’s quickest developing and most thickly populated urban areas. Despite the fact that Maharashtra is India’s second-most crowded state, Mumbai-with just 0.19% of the state’s territory region, holds 12% of its populace (and 1.03% of India’s populace). The medical care difficulties are self-evident.

What is an Air Ambulance?

In case of sickness or an accident, time plays a vital role in the process of treatment. Due to the advancement in technology, there are various types like helicopter ambulances, air ambulances, medical flights, etc. Air ambulance service in Mumbai provides affordable and excellent quality medical care to patients with all kinds of treatment.

Air Ambulance service is an ‘Inbound’ (out-of-city) transport due to the critical nature of situations of accidents and emergencies.

Our Types of Services

  • Air ambulance via Private Charter/Jet
  • Air ambulance via Commercial airline
  • Train ambulance via Train

Our Best Air Ambulance Service Includes

  • Medical evacuation services 24/7 hours non-stop
  • Well Authorized and New Technology ICU Setup
  • Scoop stretchers beds and wheelchairs as well as medical cushions
  • A highly educated and well experienced medical team
  • Low budget and very competitive booking price

Our Special Features

  1. A family representative can pick up the patient at their doorstep
  2. We also inform your family member regarding the hospital location
  3. We can arrange family member’s stay overnight in Mumbai before the flight
  4. A short-term insurance policy is available against aircraft sacking, weather conditions, and other troubles.
  5. Our company has 24×7 customer care service and is available in time of emergency without fail.
  6. We provide custom-made flights, especially for critical cases with a doctor on board.
  7. We provide ground services
  8. We provide bed-to-bed road ambulance service
  9. Our air ambulance is 1 Bed Critical Care Air Ambulance which is operated by our highly skilled crew.
  10. Our Paramedical Staff has many years of experience in emergency medical transport, trauma, and emergency management.
  11. Response time: 15 minutes
  12. Speed: 120 km per hour (it differs according to the aircraft)
  13. Capacity: 4 persons

Now you can Enjoy the Following Additional Features

  • Expert remedial advice
  • Expert Support and Consultation
  • Medically equipped ambulance services
  • Direct payment by patients to hospitals

Reasons to Choose Air Rescuer

For a smooth landing, with no complications, we provide the complete package for both emergency & scheduled Best Air Ambulance Services in Mumbai. We provide quality care to a patient. Our Air Ambulance services in Mumbai help you/your loved ones to travel from Mumbai to anywhere within India or abroad. Our mission is to improve the traveling experience and give the highest level of care when you need it the most.

Air Rescuers is the best from the rest!

Our medevac services are affordable, we provide a myriad of alternatives that was best suited for your needs.

Choosing the right mode/medium of transportation is very important while sending patients in need of medical care. We have specialized vehicles equipped with the latest life support systems and first aid kits that assures to provide a safe and comfortable ride to your loved ones during their time of distress. Our experienced skillful professionals are well trained and equipped with relevant certificates for conducting ground, air, or through train ambulance services from Mumbai all across India or to a foreign country for further treatment.

With our efficient services and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are able to provide the safest, most reliable, and most cost-effective services. We try to provide on-time service to all our clients and make sure that every patient gets utmost care & attention because after all, “a Life saved is a life earned.”

Air Rescuer not only helps in the treatment but also provides emotional support to the patients and their families as they can be with them till the time they get well and fly back to their home.

We understand that each case is unique and we will cater our services accordingly to meet your needs. The medical team will consult with you and together we can decide on the best course of action for your situation.

Destinations from Mumbai

Air Ambulance Service can be provided from all metro cities of India to Mumbai. The field director usually takes the decision whether to land the patient at any nearest airport or destination hospital depending on the patient condition and availability of required facilities.


  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Kolkata
  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Delhi
  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Chennai
  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Bengaluru


  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Kathmandu
  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Nepal
  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Bangladesh
  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Sri Lanka
  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Dubai
  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to New York
  • Air ambulance from Mumbai to Singapore

An Analysis of the Air Ambulance service’s cost in Mumbai

Mumbai as some people call it is one of the biggest cities in India. It has many business tycoons and rich personalities. The city also has an air ambulance service that provides rapid transport for critical patients from different parts of the country and abroad to hospitals in Mumbai.

In recent discussions about the cost of Air Ambulances, it was widely revealed that the cost varies depending on where a patient needs to be flown to, how urgent their condition is, if the flight has to take place during rush hour or not, climatic conditions such as whether they need to be airlifted by day or night, specialized transport (such as specialist doctors accompanying the patient), etc. So a safe estimate would be around INR 50 Lacs approx. However, in specific cases, it can go up to INR 1-2 crores depending on the factors mentioned above.

If you want to travel by Air Ambulance Services in Mumbai then your quest should be ended with Air rescuers. We provide discount rates and also provide the best-trained staffs, who can help you to make flying arrangements for treatment. Contact us at +18005321818 or +91 9870001118

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